Looking for something artsy and funky? Try this awesome vinyl sticker of octopus tentacles! <a href="http://etsy.me/Jea8gA" target="_blank">visit Etsy</a>
Soften a baby's room with beautiful flowers. <a href="http://etsy.me/KIbzqO" target="_blank">visit Etsy</a>
Add some fun to your little one's play room! <a href="http://etsy.me/IER2hR" target="_blank">visit Etsy</a>
Add some zen to your space! <a href="http://etsy.me/K1OFIl" target="_blank">visit Etsy</a>

Vinyl Wall Stickers

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Why put up wall paper when you might be moving soon? And don’t even think about paint! It can be tough to decorate your home when you never have time to really settle in. That’s why we love the idea of vinyl wall decals. These can range in price, size, and detail and can instantly change a room. The best part is that they come down just as easily. Etsy is one of the best places to find them–as well as anything else artsy and wonderful. Above are a few of our favorites. How do you decorate your home?




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