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How to Win the “Battle” of Stuff

  By Vicki DeLuzio SpouseLink Guest Blogger I am far from a minimalist, but once the new year begins, I always try to start up with a “cleaning of the goods”. After I put the Christmas decorations away, I have to remove some other things that have found their home in the sacred storage areas. It’s […]

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Recipe for Love: A Valentine’s Day Dinner Menu

Here’s the good news: There’s still time to shop for gifts and groceries for your Valentine! Here’s the other good news: Even if you’re not with the one you love on Valentine’s Day, you can still create a delicious meal celebrating your love for each other, and enjoy it with friends and family. And we’re […]

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Get to Know 2017’s “Fire Rooster”

Welcome to Chinese Lunar New Year 2017, known as the year of the “Fire Rooster”! What’s it all about and what could it mean to you and your military family? We’ve got a few details for you to consider. Let’s get started… About the Chinese Zodiac The first thing to know about the Year of the […]

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6 Things New MilSpouses Should Know About the VA Loan

Being new to the military brings a lot of changes, experiences, and opportunities that can be overwhelming. One of those opportunities can be discovering what a VA Loan is all about — how it works, why you might want to get one, and more. If you’re considering securing a VA Loan for your new home, take […]

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“We Time” Is Our “Me Time”

Longing for some time alone, as in… all to yourself? Or quality time spent with the one you love? Not sure what it even feels or looks like anymore? Vicki DeLuzio wonders why “me time” is so elusive for some and yet so available for others. Maybe it feels out of reach because of the responsibilities that […]

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Recipe: Cranberry Orange Muffins

SpouseLink really lucked out! Over the holidays, we came across something fun at a used bookstore: The Military Wives’ Cookbook, by Carolyn Quick Tillery. In it she discusses military family “traditions, recipes, and remembrances” from Colonial times to today. How perfect! So we glanced through the pages and found some really fun quotes, stories and… yes… delicious […]

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Winter Crafts for Kids of All Ages

Stuck indoors? In the winter, dreary frozen rain, deep snowdrifts and everyone gathered together in the house all at once can make the hours you spend at home seem unending. Looking for something to do (other than taking a long winter’s nap)? Here are a few ideas to keep everyone’s hands, minds and time busy. […]

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5 Ways to Warm Up Your Winter

Some winter days can seem cold, stark, inconvenient and very, very long. On the other hand, they can be festive, filled with friendly visits, offer a welcome excuse to enjoy flavorful hearty meals, and inspire projects that add sparkle to your home. To make sure your winter the sparkly kind, we’ve assembled 5 things that […]

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Makeup Tutorial: 3 Stunning Holiday Looks

How glamorous do you want to look for the holidays? We’ve gathered up a few options for you to try this season, from makeup genius Zabrena. She is a wizard at using both high-end and drugstore makeup palettes and tools, blended with her own application techniques to create beautiful looks for any occasion. You can use […]

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3 Handy DIY Gifts for Dad

He’s got your back all year, no matter how far away he is. We’ve gathered together 3 gift ideas that are sure to make him feel warm, cozy and close to home. And you can DIY any of them in less than an afternoon’s worth of time. So, put on your crafty hat and get to […]

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