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Another holiday, another chance to increase your sugar intake. Ugh. Is unhealthy food really a necessity to lure kids into participating in the activities that come their way? Sometimes you might think that, given the snacks that appear at such events. No matter if you’re a MilSpouse trying to raise a happy and healthy military […]

Whether you doze off easily only to awaken in the middle of the night and remain restless… or you can’t sleep at all right from the start, the inability to get a good night’s sleep can affect the outcome of your entire day. As a MilSpouse, you can hardly afford that — you’ve got a […]

5TH ANNUAL SPOUSELINK RETREAT Let’s get to know each other in  Palm Springs, California May 16-18, 2017 We are looking to bring 5 MilSpouses with us to attend the Retreat as SpouseLink Ambassador Candidates, based on all inquiries received. Please send us your bio BY NOON, MONDAY, APRIL 17, 2017, for your chance to join us! Who […]

By Vicki DeLuzio SpouseLink Guest Blogger Have you thought about how you are empowering kids? The park is my kids’ “free area”… within limits, of course. My kids have a lot of freedoms that their peers do not have — our schedule is usually pretty flexible and they have a lot of play time. Since we homeschool, […]

It goes without saying, raising kids in a military family has unique challenges. If you are a homeschooler, you face a few more challenges, as well… because even more of the information your kids gather and interpret and have questions about likely comes during their time spent with you. SpouseLink guest blogger Vicki DeLuzio noticed in her […]

Get a taste of the “wearing of the green” by eating it. Luckily, we found a few options for you, courtesy of the Military Families who contributed their recipes to the Armed Forces Week 2005 United We Stand cookbook, printed by Fundcraft Publishing. We think they’re as valuable as gold and that you’ll find them filled with […]

By Kristen Fredericks SpouseLink Guest Blogger Let me start by saying I am thrilled to be SpouseLink’s new interior design contributor! SpouseLink will be posting a series of pieces where I will describe fun, budget-friendly ideas to update your space, whether you live on or off a military base, as well as easy how-to-guides for […]

By Riley Kennedy SpouseLink Guest Blogger There are incredible perks about being a dual-military couple. The most obvious of which is you have a partner who truly understands what you do every day. On the flip side, it can also be very stressful as you both maintain the same obligations to the military that often […]

As the founders of Helping Heroes Fly, Terri Keene and Pam Matt can tell you: being a 2-woman team has its challenges. But they also know that with every family reunion that follows the work they do together, there is joy that is priceless. In fact, the pair feel honored to help the nation’s brave […]

By Julie, The Healthy Home Cook SpouseLink Guest Blogger Dealing with deployment is hard. It’s a way of life that military spouses have accepted and live with every day. For those of us left behind, it can seem stressful, lonely and never ending. But, when you add pregnancy on top of it… Well, that is […]

MomJonz of A Mom’s Blog has shared a few tips that every career-savvy MilSpouse will want to check out. We’ve got the gist below, but you’ll want to get the full details here: Flexible Careers for Military Spouses MilSpouse careers need to go where you go… And, because of that, they can be hard to find. But not impossible. Working […]

By Vicki DeLuzio SpouseLink Guest Blogger I am far from a minimalist, but once the new year begins, I always try to start up with a “cleaning of the goods”. After I put the Christmas decorations away, I have to remove some other things that have found their home in the sacred storage areas. It’s a […]


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