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Looking to take a family trip somewhere meaningful this summer, where you can view some of our nation’s history and natural beauty? Guest blogger and experienced traveler Caro Karlsson recently spent a weekend roaming around Gettysburg, PA. She shared her travel memories with us and offered a few insights for making the most of a weekend excursion there. Here’s what […]

Summer days filled with fun in the sun have arrived… but they can be overshadowed if you don’t keep pool safety top of mind. In fact, any water source can be dangerous and deadly, even if you turn your back or look away for just a few seconds. So if your Military Family likes to spend time in the […]

Looking for something fun and different to do with the kids this summer? Does your Military Family need to find a place for your kids to romp that they’ll actually think is cool? Whether you live in the Phoenix Valley area or if you’re curious about taking a vacation there, former-Military mom blogger Vicki DeLuzio […]

Does your hair look a little lackluster, even though you just colored it? When you’re on a tight Military Family budget and have a hectic life schedule, heading to your favorite salon for a hairdo upgrade isn’t always possible. But you still deserve to have locks that look beautiful, with hair color that lasts throughout […]

Arguably, every day should be devoted to celebrating Moms. Though that isn’t the case, the good news is that someone had the bright idea to create at least one day of the year that is specifically set aside to make mothers feel special: Mother’s Day! And it’s coming up soon, so it’s time to start thinking about […]

Hectic mornings? Along with sunny and warm spring days come increased work, school, and extracurricular activities that can put Military Families like yours in a tailspin. We know a tasty way for you to keep the minutes from flying by too fast by planning ahead for tomorrow’s breakfast, this afternoon’s treat, or tonight’s dessert! These three easy recipes […]

Here’s a fun twist on a traditional Easter gift-giving: Think outside the basket. Spin it into a surprising Military-themed treasure trove that both boys and girls will enjoy finding on Easter morning. Fill it with classic holiday candies and items that make a unique Military connection — either by color scheme (navy blue, olive green, etc.) or texture […]

Throwing a party to celebrate the season? Whether you’re the host, guest or just looking for a new recipe to try, as temperatures get warmer and outdoor activities increase, the light, cool flavors of spring are beginning to tempt our taste buds. Their bright, fruity and floral profiles are the perfect accompaniment to spring parties and […]

Springtime has arrived, and if you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor space filled with a flowering landscape or room for a vegetable garden, it’s probably been calling to you all winter. So now that the temperatures are turning mild, the birds and bugs are returning, and spring rains and sunshine are on their way, […]

Have a teen boy who could use a more inspiring space to spend his time in? Just like girls, guys need to be surrounded by the things that show how unique they are — from what they enjoy doing in their spare time to their hobbies and their interests. Color plays a big role in boys’ rooms, […]

Now that spring is here, it’s time to get cleaning… and creating! It’s the perfect time to give your girls a new, grown-up space — or just refresh their current one. Airy, beachy coastal styles are popular right now, as well as crisp, clean design lines, pops of bright colors and unique, crafty touches. And […]

In honor of spring, we’ve been thinking about all the many ways there are to “go green” — even if you’re not fond of any shade other than Army Green. We know you have your reasons, and they are probably great ones, but we’d like to challenge you to rethink what being “green” really means. It’s […]


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