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Everyone needs “a room of one’s own”. These days, men get their Man Caves, often filled with military or sports memorabilia and a well-stocked bar. But there’s another trend out there for the ladies: Moms are also getting their Mom Caves. (Some even get She Sheds.) Taking time for one’s self is a trend worth […]

Ever look around your car and wonder… Where did all that dust come from? What is that strange smell? Or, do I have enough wiper fluid to wash the bugs off my windshield? Or maybe you simply wish that seeing your oil light come on in front of you didn’t have to mean a trip […]

In the mood for a good romance? February is a great time to delve into one… and, of course, some of the most ideal romances are depicted in classic tales filled with mysterious, deep and regret-filled suitors. Or, perhaps, an unrequited love from one’s youth. Three stories that come to mind are Griffin and Sabine, Anne […]

Valentine’s Day isn’t the only day to add a dash of pink and heart-shaped cutouts to your culinary concoctions. But… it’s a great time to start doing it. And one of the people who does it best is YouTube star, Rosanna Pansino. In her romance-themed video, “Perfect Together”, she shares a selection of cute and […]

Whether you’re making something for your kids, or they’re making something for you or their friends, creating something from scratch is always a thoughtful way to show someone how you feel. It could be a craft project based on a loved one’s favorite thing, or a delicious, easy-to-make meal, or coupons for events to go to together. […]

When you’re a Military Spouse who travels or makes regular PCS moves as a standard part of your everyday life, it can make the effort involved in finding a career, or part-time employment, more difficult (or just feel like it!) than the challenges typically faced by the average job seeker. Luckily, there are organizations ready […]

There’s no denying it. We all like to think of our pets as members of the family. They can be snugly, protective, loving and concerned for us. Whether we’re gone for a minute, an hour, a day, or months at a time, we can count on them to remember us and welcome us home — wherever home […]

So… winter has settled in. On the one hand, it’s a beautiful time of year when you get to frolic in the snow. On the other hand, you’re cold and run the risk of slipping and sliding wherever you go. Luckily, we found 10 smart winter hacks to help you deal with all of it. Just check out this […]

Feeling a little misunderstood? You’re in good company if you think there are a few Military Wife pros and cons. In this insightful video by April Hankins, she talks about her emotional experience with the comings and goings of her husband, the effect his absences have on her and their young family, and the things they […]

Got a free weekend coming up? Okay, how about just a few free hours this weekend? Great! Take advantage of the time to rethink your storage solutions. When spring comes, your housecleaning won’t be so time-consuming. These clever weekend organizing tips will have helped you everything together right now, right? Here is a sample of the full […]

Did you know there was such a thing as a winter pantry makeover? Well, “makeover” may not be quite the right word, but according to Victoria Spencer of Martha Stewart Living, there are certain items that must be in your pantry. Some of the items on her list: A variety of canned beans Rice Pasta Polenta […]

It’s almost time for another super game day… and another weekend spent planning and making all of the snacks you’ll be serving friends and family. But even if you’re not having a party, there are a lot of tasty appetizer-sized recipes you can whip up quickly to keep spirits up and taste buds satisfied. Here are 7 […]


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