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“No matter where you go, there you are.” So true on so many levels. Just like the members of almost every Military Family, guest blogger and MilSpouse Laurie Borrett can relate. She has returned to SpouseLink to share with us her tips, wisdom and inspiration for making a military PCS from here to there… and staying in the moment every […]

Wish you had thicker, more luxurious locks? Guest blogger Viki Howell of Salon East NYC has a few tips and tricks up her sleeves. Read on to see what she suggests. If you’re tired of looking in the mirror and seeing thin hair and want to resolve this problem, there are a lot of different ways to combat it, […]

Ever find yourself in a situation where it seems like everyone around you knows everything about everything, while you’re looking around feeling lost? Of course you do. It happens to everyone — maybe even more often when you’re part of a military family that moves around a lot and everything is always new, right up to the […]

Does the idea of your family dining out regularly at restaurants sound counter-intuitive to saving money? Guest blogger and Penny-Pinchin’ Mom Tracie Fobes has 5 tips that can make the concept more… palatable. Check them out below. When it comes to your budget, most of us know that we should try to save money whenever (and wherever) we can. While you […]

Close your eyes. Open your imagination. Prepare yourself to take in the heavy aroma of spice filling the air. Visualize ornate temples and jungles as far as the eye can see. Hear the occasional screech of a monkey. Then imagine the lush, fragrant scene surrounded by beautiful breezy beaches. In reality, you may be dreaming […]

The American Armed Forces Mutual Aid Association (AAFMAA) recently hosted the 6th Annual Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Mobile Service Officers (MSO) event at its Reston, Virginia campus. The organization provided not only the event location but also the space for the DAV to counsel veterans in attendance through their VA claims. AAFMAA also provided a series of […]

Life changes are inevitable. Preparing for them is a necessity… but where do you begin? Even when you are expecting a change — such as transitioning out of the military — dealing with it can be a daunting task, especially when your household’s finances are involved. When is the last time you reviewed your 401(k) or TSP? What about […]

Have a few hours of the day that you’d like to keep your younger kids’ hands busy? No worries — just get them started on a craft project… or two… or three. Guest blogger Vicki DeLuzio shares her top 6 crafting ideas, tips and tricks below. They’re something every Military Mom will be able to […]

PCSgrades’ Rebecca Alwine shares information about the company’s services and ability to help Military Families that are about to PCS, or that just made a very difficult move, thanks to an undesirable moving company. We’re happy to share the company’s advice and options for recourse — or at least getting the word out to other MilFams — […]

As summer winds down, school bells are ringing, garden plants are fading, pools are closing, military families are settling into a new PCS location (or grateful they didn’t have to move this year), football fans are looking forward to Sunday nights, crafters are thinking ahead to Halloween, shops are selling cozy fall fashions, skies are looking gray and […]

The idea of “having it all” as a Military Spouse can seem impractical when what you want is to enjoy being part of the workforce with a career that matches your talents, skills and experience… and, in reality, you are packing up your family and moving every couple of years — the same family you […]

A new school year always bring many changes. Not only are the seasons changing, but your kids have gotten a little bigger and need a new wardrobe. Class subject have gotten more intense requiring more homework and different school supplies. There may also be new teachers at the school, new kids, and involvement in a […]


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