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Tis the season for Christmas cards, but how many times have you received cards and tossed them because they were not memorable or too ugly or generic to display? Every 1,000 cards equals one tree, so that tossed card makes a difference. Now what if you received a card that was impressive or worth displaying? Here are 5 Christmas card alternatives that will leave a lasting impression.

Wrapping paper is expensive. Bows and ribbon cost too much. There is never enough tape around. These are not just complaints, but they are issues that can be avoided by wrapping a gift properly. Save yourself time and aggravation by following these easy steps. Wrapping your gifts made easy.

What a great idea to send out a military care package this Christmas. This is a perfect time to get involved, whether you are sending one to a loved one or to a package giving organization. Here are a few quick tips that explain what to put in and leave out of Christmas care packages for military members.

Christmas time is a great time for sharing and giving, but many times the sharing and giving is overwhelming for kids. When kids are overwhelmed, they often forget manners or to show gratitude. In this season of family and happiness, manners and gratitude are important to express. Here are 5 tips for saying thank you at Christmas time.

Running around at the last minute to get ready for taxes could mean you loose out on important deductions. Just like anything, preparation allows you to check every opportunity and gather important documents while taking advantage of money saving strategies. Take a look at these suggestions for tax preparation for 2016 to help you get ready and think about new and valuable deductions.

Christmas is about family and fun, but it is also about gifts. Sometimes families do not give great gifts. Its inevitable that at some point this season you will receive a gift that you did not ask for, that is not you, or that is a re-gift or hand me down. When this happens you need to make sure to thank the giver because the thought is what counts. While that may be true, some people do not put a lot of thought into gifts. When that happens, you need to be happy and accept the gift with manners. Here are a few tips for having gift opening manners.

Thanksgiving is here. What, you aren’t prepared? No worries. Here is an easy roast turkey recipe. Don’t fret, all the ingredients will still be available at the grocery store. There are no fancy additions here, just a simple and tasty recipe that will satisfy the whole family and all your guests.

Christmas is just around the corner and spending time with family is part of what makes this season magical. When it’s cold outside, a great family movie with snuggling, hot chocolate, and popcorn is a wonderful idea. But what movie should you choose? There are plenty of holiday movies around. Some have talking dogs, some are animated poorly, and some have no plot and poor themes. It is sometimes difficult to find a movie for the whole family that is entertaining and appropriate for everyone. Here is a list of 5 great family Christmas movies that everyone will love.

A holiday tradition that is fun for all is the white elephant gift exchange. This tradition is popular for office parties and for large groups of people that are not able to purchase large quantities of gifts. It sets gift giving on its ear and turns it into a fun filled guess and grab event. White elephant parties have been known to result in playful rivalries between players trying to get sought-after items. The goal of a white elephant party is usually to entertain rather than gain. Here are the rules to create your own white elephant party.

Think of this scenario. You have your kids in the car and are off to go shopping on a blistery winter day. You loose control of your car after hitting a patch of ice. The car hits a snow embankment, but you and your kids are okay. Your car though is not so lucky. What could you have done? Snow driving is difficult because of the unknown terrain and the unexpected situations that come up in the road. Here are some winter driving tips to prepare you for the unexpected and protect you and your family this winter.

Snow shoveling is an activity that sees many Americans visiting the emergency room every winter. From back injuries to exhaustion to heart attacks, this necessary activity can sometimes be dangerous. Snow shoveling injury prevention is important to learn before the snow season starts. Here are some simple tips to help you prevent injury.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are completely different holidays with different purposes and traditions, but there is one thing they both have in common. Apple pie is a desert that can be made for both holidays and one that many families look forward to. If your family doesn’t have a recipe that is handed down from generation to generation, why not start a new tradition with this apple pie recipe.


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